Hierarchical Stage - load file to API with REST

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Hierarchical Stage - load file to API with REST

Post by ShaneMuir »

Hi All

Does anybody know how to view the actual call that the Hierarchical stage is passing to an API when performing a HTTP POST command with the REST Step?

I am trying to pass a file to an API. I am able to successfully call the API passing the file from the command line using cURL or via other apps such as PostMan, and via other data tools (Talend). However when I have tried to call it in DataStage it never seems to work. From the API url logs I can see that something is not being passed correctly, but those logs giving a very unhelpful message.

I have executed the jobs in TRACE mode, but I cannot see much in those files other than the return code of 500.

I would like to see (if possible) that code that is being passed to the API to see if anything is missing?
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Re: Hierarchical Stage - load file to API with REST

Post by eostic »

It's been awhile, but one of the trace modes provides extremely deep detail. As I recall, the message in the log tells you where to find a very extensive and deeper log that has the full payload. ...but I don't have access anymore to recall the exact trace value needed.

Ernie Ostic

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