MQ connector vs empty queue

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MQ connector vs empty queue

Post by UCDI »

Hey experts,

I am having a little trouble trying to find the magic combination of settings for the MQ connector stage that allows it to 'do nothing' if there are no messages on the queue.

What I have is a batch process that periodically will empty a queue that is connected to a topic. It is unusual for the queue to be empty, but when it is, I get a 2033 'error' (empty queue) which crashes my job. The web / documentation is of little help; it suggests upping the wait time so I get a message. I don't want to do that; I want to gracefully do nothing at all and let my job end. I have played with nearly every setting without success.

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Re: MQ connector vs empty queue

Post by chanaka »


By any chance, were you able to resolve it? I am faced with a situation where we have to let the MQ connector to pick up the MQ Manager from the tab file. Seems like it is impossible.


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