Gave me confidence

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Gave me confidence

Post by dsdevper »

This site gave me confidence of doing any thing. I can do any thing and any kind of job..

If i can't do it . DSXchange is always an option me to find solution..

Thank you one and all.. :D
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Post by doll »

The thing about confidence is that you have to believe in yourself. I don't mean that you should be vain or think you're wonderful, but you must realize that - like everyone else - you are worthy of respect, and so you have to start respecting yourself and your own opinion and choices. Listen to others but don't let them overwhelm you.
Don't try and be anything that you are not naturally - so if you are not the life and soul of the party, accept that and just be a nice version of yourself - work on that. Stay calm and focused.
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Post by eostic »

That's what makes this site so great. We all give something...and we all get something.....

Nice to be "surrounded" by experts when you "walk" into a situation that needs a creative solution.....I'm sure we can all say that we've used the site to "gain confidence" when needed....

Ernie Ostic

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Post by samyamkrishna »

This is the best Technical Forum till date that i have come across.

1. Resolutions
2. Response time.
3. Knowledge.
4. The way the site is maintained.

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Post by pandeesh »

This is the place which makes me from novice to professional in just one year.
Really Great site!!
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