Please Read: Questions about Posts on Oliver list Archive

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Please Read: Questions about Posts on Oliver list Archive

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Please be advised that any posts made in the <b>Archive of DataStage Users @</b> forum are assigned under the username "Admin", but Admin and the DSXchange Team are not responsible for any of the content of these posts, unless a member of the DSXchange Team has included his or her name at the end of a post designating them as the originator.

Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT SEND QUESTIONS to the "Admin" username--whether by email or private message--regarding the content of the posts made in this forum. You WILL NOT receive a response to your question.

If you would like more information about the content of a post, or wish to know if a question asked in an archived post has been answered before, PLEASE post your questions in an appropriate forum corresponding to the nature of your query and refer to the archived post in question either by its FULL URL or the TOPIC ID # located in the url.
Do not contact admin unless you have technical support or account questions. Do not send email or Private Messages about discussion topics to ADMIN. Contact the webmaster concerning abusive or offensive posts.