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Have you logged a support call with Informix Korea or with the Asia-Pacific support center?

It is not really the function of this list to be a support center. Even though the contributors are very helpful people, this is the third such request from Lexken today (even though it is only the first from you). As a DataStage reseller and Informix partner, Lexken really should use "official channels" first.

-----Original Message-----
From: zinryu [mailto:zinryu@lexken.co.kr]
Sent: Wednesday, 14 March 2001 08:37
To: informix-datastage@oliver.com
Subject: Re: Aggregation Stage

?? ??????
?? ???? ? ?????....
case 1, 2, 3? ??? ??? ?? ?? ? ???...

-----?? ???-----
?? ??: Jang,JungHee
?? ??: informix-datastage@oliver.com
??: 2001? 3? 14? ??? ?? 7:59
??: Aggregation Stage

>DS Version : 3.6.3
>OS : Digital
>Source Data is 4200000 record.
>Source Data distinct cust_no is 4000000 record.
>Source Data => cust_no, cust_div, sales_amt
>CASE1, A Job with group item(cust_no, cust_div) in Aggregator stage
>aborted. CASE2, A Job with group item(cust_no) in Aggregator stage
>aborted. CASE3, A Job with group item(cust_div) in Aggregator stage
>Is Record Limit at Aggregator stage?
>For example, CASE2, 4200000(before grouping) -> 4000000(after
>Help me.
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