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IBM has recently brought out a number of offerings under the banner "Cloud Pak for Data" (CP4D). This is basically a base plane (Red Hat OpenShift) overlaid with all of the services needed for unified governance. The idea is that it can operate on any cloud - it's not tied to any particular brand of cloud.

Two of the offerings relevant to DSXchangers are Cloud Pak for Data for DataStage, and Cloud Pak for Data for Information Server. I won't bore you with the details here; you can research them for yourselves.

My reason for this post is to suggest that there is scope for another forum in the new DSXchange dealing with Cloud Pak for Data questions. Even DataStage will be delivered as a bunch of microservices encapsulated in Docker containers and managed by open source Kubernetes and associated tools.

DataStage is not in Kansas any more, Toto. (But the classic versions will continue to be supported for quite some time. Server jobs are now officially deprecated - they will run but no new development.)

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