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Post Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 8:25 pm Reply with quote    Back to top    

DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Windows
Additional info: DataStage 11.3 version. Read from DB2 and save in Netezza
Hi, I want to ask help about this issue that I have. Let me explain the situation:

I read a table from a DB2 and the issue appear when I save the data in the Netezza DB.

The fields that I found that have the issue is a varchar that contains (text), when I bring the metadatada from the DB2 for these fields
bring as:
Type Extended Lentgh Nullable
VaChar Unicode (1000 or 256) Yes

If I use this metadata in DS the job start working and field in the middle I think with this error:

ZCC_20190429181809627646_17461_0. Reason: [SQLCODE=HY008][Native=51] Operation canceled; [SQLCODE=HY000][Native=46] ERROR: External Table : count of bad input rows reached maxerrors limit

So I read and maybe the issue is for the Unicode, so I removed the Unicode in the Job and the Job was finished fine. The problem that I have with this change is the following, for some country as Japan, China, etc the language or information for some reason is different that in the original database must be appear; for example:

This is the information from the DB2 (that is correct)
Windows 7 Sunset対応

This is the information from the Netezza when is processing in the DS Job (That is not correct, this is the issue)
Windows 7 Sunset察応

This issue again is only for Japan, China ..etc.

So if someone can help me how I can fix this issue I really appreciate your help.


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Welcome aboard.

You need to establish how characters are encoded. For example, there are at least 14 different ways to encode Japanese characters, including SHIFT-JIS.

Then you need to configure your NLS settings to specify that encoding.

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