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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix
Additional info: Table Def Import Wizard used
We likely have a workaround, so this is a request for any similar issues people have seen and whether they determined if it was worthy of reporting to IBM. I tried a few searches for previous posts on this, but found none (likely because I'm just bad at searches).

The copybook defines a record of 2,000 bytes. The final filler is 1,739 bytes long. The table definition, Stage tab displays of the column and Output stage display all show the column as Char(1739), except the Stage Layout tab. The parallel view defines the column as raw(1739). The job aborts on the message correctly showing that raw to string is not supported.

I verified the .cfd file used for the import has FILLER PIC X(1739). All of the other columns are verified as well.

My only guess is the length of the column. We'll try splitting it to two or more shorter columns.

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