Datastage designer 11.5 crash

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Datastage designer 11.5 crash

Post by Paradoxxs »


I have a fresh installation of information server data stage version 11.5 on windows server 2012 r2 64bit, that is part of a domain.

I'm encouting a problem with datastage designer when ever i try to edit the modules from palette it crashes.
Telling my a unexpected error have occurred.

Looking at event view on windows it tell me that it a .Net runtime error C0000005

Have anyone tried anything similar and found a solution?

Best regards
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Post by chulett »

Welcome. I'd be surprised if anyone has but you never know. However, rather than just wait, I'd suggest contacting your official support provider for help. You could also do an Internet search for "unexpected errors" and that specific error code in .Net. From what I saw this morning, I'd be wondering about either the integrity of your .Net install, that or perhaps the version. There are MS tools out there to validate that but I would imagine support would have answers for you, too. Is the version you have installed supported by DataStage?

I would also suggest you find a MS support forum to post this in as it really isn't about DataStage but rather your Operating System.

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