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Post Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:04 pm Reply with quote    Back to top    

DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix
Hi All,

We currently connect to DB2 z/OS using DB2 Connector stage. we are planning to setup a new environment and replicate the same settings.

Can someone clarify before starting with the new env:

1) Do we need a DB2 client to be installed as well? How does the DB2 Connector stage connect to external database?

From IBM Knowlege center,

The DB2 connector connects to your databases using the DB2 client on the DataStage nodes. The connector requires that each database be cataloged in the DB2 client.

Currently i could see we have
DB2_SERVER_EDITION 8 DB2 Server Edition

and the databases are catalogued.

db2 => list db directory
System Database Directory
Number of entries in the directory = 12
 Database 1 entry:
 Database alias                       =<>
 Database name                        =<>
Node name                            = <>
Database release level               = 10.00
Comment                              =
Directory entry type                 = Remote
Authentication                       = SERVER
Catalog database partition number    = -1
Alternate server hostname            =
Alternate server port number         =

2) Is it a runtime client or will just a DB2 driver suffice?
Does the DB2 connection to DataStage use tcp protocol?

db2 => get dbm cfg

 Database Manager Configuration
 Node type = Client
 Database manager configuration release level            = 0x1000
 Federated Database System Support           (FEDERATED) = NO
 Transaction processor monitor name        (TP_MON_NAME) =

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Post Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:30 am Reply with quote    Back to top    

You will need to install the DB2 client software. You can usually use the newest client, but confirm that it is compatible and supported by your DB2 database version as well as your DataStage version.

No, you cannot use just a driver, the client must be installed. As you yourself noted, the database definitions need to be cataloged, etc. That requires the full client.

Andy Sorrell
Certified DataStage Consultant
IBM Analytics Champion 2009 - 2017
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