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DataStage® Release: 9x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix
Additional info: Linux OS
Datastage 9.1 on Linux OS

Using ODBC Connector stage for Source database: MySQL
Xfm (simple mapping no transformation)
Target: dataset and sequential file stages.

Some source columns are defined as VARCHAR (with no specified length) in source MySQL table.
When extracting from the table in ODBC Connector using NVARCHAR/LNVARCHAR OR VARCHAR (no length specified) with Unicode as Extended property,
I am getting one warning: "utf16ToAnsi ucnv_fromUnicode failed!" from the ODBC stage. There is only one warning (green, not yellow) is displayed
in the director right after generated SQL.

When I defined source VARCHAR columns in ODBC Connector as VARCHAR (with no specified length) and
No Unicode value as extended property, every single VARCHAR column defined in ODBC stage gets following warnings (green, not yellow):

"The length of VARCHAR column <column_name> cannot be validated because the database column is WVARCHAR and
character set conversion is involved. Inadequate column lengths can lead to data truncation or
unexpected errors."

I have tried adding value “charset=utf8” to odbc.ini file for this specific connection but no difference.
I have also tried in the Job to change Job Properties/NLS/Default map for stages set to "UTF8" AND also tried UTF16 from "Project default (ASCL_ISO8859-1)"
but results have not changed.

What do you suggest I should try to get rid of this warning?
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