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DataStage® Release: 11x
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OS: Unix
I am trying to load data from a pipe delimited flat file into DB2 database. A field is having Spanish characters. It's defined varchar. I am trying to load data but data that is inserted is not having same characters that I got in the file.

Data in a file: á é and its getting loaded as -> ->. I want the data to be loaded as á é. NLS mapping defined as UTF 8.


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So these kind of issues are always about the character sets involved, source versus target. Any tool that does this kind of work needs to know both so that, when they are different, it can translate the characters properly between the two - unless they haven't been properly specified. When it thinks both character sets are the same the data is simply pushed over and you can see corrupted characters.

What are the character sets of both your source and your target?


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