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DataStage® Release: 11x
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If you are using Information Analyzer and you don't like the Workbench user interface you should take a look at IA Thin Client version 11.5 Governance Rollup 7.

It is better than IA Workbench in navigation around profiling results. It has a data quality scoring system for datasets and columns. It is easier for a team to collaborate on profiling results as it requires less installation effort and less training to use. In Rollup 7 IBM added some InfoSphere Discovery functionality - the ability to discover relationships between fields in tables and produce an ER diagram of relationships across tables and systems. This is much better than the Workbench cross domain analysis as it is easier to run and use.

The IA thin client still does not have the Workbench capabilities around baselines and snapshots but that will be coming this year and that is functionality that the average user doesn't use. You can bind and run and view DQ rules in IA thin client but you cannot yet write them so you still need to keep Workbench around for rule authoring.

It has a good dashboard for viewing the progress of profiling, rules, relationships and term assignments across a workspace.

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Thanks, Vince!

I would also add that the Thin Client can also ingest HDFS file natively - no odic required!

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