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Post Posted: Sun May 08, 2011 9:33 am Reply with quote    Back to top    

DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Windows
I have been experimenting with the loading of shared table definitions using istools.

I have then been using these definitions in Fasttrack to load csv mappings and generate a Datastage job.

But I have come up against an issue which I cannot understand.

When the column definitions are loaded into Metadata repository, and when they are displayed in workbench there is no column that
is available for 'scale' for example. Therefore when generating the job Fasttrack (quite rightly) generates for example a Decimal (22) column in Datastage, no scale

However I noticed that when you use Fasttrack and look at some column defs (presumambly imported directly) the scale is there and when you gen the job it correctly
puts the scale in place.

So when I try and run the generated jobs I get errors and have to modify the code, which was not the idea

Is it a deficiancy by design that the repository and shared tble defs dont have this detail?

Or am I missing something somewhere

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