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DataStage® Release: 8x
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OS: Unix
I am attempting to use Business Glossary for storing business metadata about information being presented in our Cognos reports. Ideally I want our report users to be able to click on something in our reports (via hyperlink or the inbuilt right click -> Glossary option) and go straight to the correct glossary term page for that report item.

The default set up in Cognos (8.4) is you define as an environment variable a link to the business glossary search action /search.do? and Cognos simply appends to that action the text field you clicked on in the report to conduct a glossary search. The problem I have is this is a full text search on the glossary and retrieves any term that has the word in it's title and even terms that have that word somewhere in their definition.

This potentially can lead to some ambiguity where I have multiple definitions of a term depending on it's usage, ideally I would like the ability to link directly to a term in the business glossary. It also restricts me from ever linking report words to terms that don’t use those same words.

I can see from the URL when using glossary browser that all terms can be accessed via the resource id of the term/category. I could use javascript in the report to embed a link to a term, however it basically means hard coding the term ID into every report, which seems a very brittle and maintenance intensive solution.

What I am wondering is if anyone has any knowledge or experience around:
1) Navigating directly to a glossary term via a more friendly URL that somehow allows me to browse the category tree by names rather than ID.
2) Applying more specific information to the /search.do action. I can see from the advanced search I can specify additional criteria , but I can’t see how to add advanced search parameters to this action that will allow me to refine this search. Is there a guide or list somewhere for these parameters?
3) Does Cognos have an option I am not aware of that allows better linkage to the Glossary?

The other thing I was thinking of was whether I could directly access the business glossary information in the Infosphere metadata store. If I could suck out the term name and it’s corresponding id, I could store that mapping in our repository and then use that to slightly more intelligently add a link in the Cognos report to the right term in the glossary.

Or does someone know of another way to achieve what I am trying to do here, I might be horribly overcomplicating things and missing an easy option somewhere?

Thanks in advance

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Excellent work! Glad that you are at the point where you are looking for more ways to gain access to the glossary for your reporting users. Some thoughts on this.... a) The Cognos featur ...

Ernie Ostic

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