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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Windows
Hi guys, I feel like I must be missing something here. I have some files that I am bringing in from a CSV, due to datastage's quirks we bring in all fields as VarChar initially then transform them in an TRANSFORM stage to what the intended data type should be. My biggest issue is when I have many fields and more than a handful are being transformed from string to decimal/integer. Some of the files we get are "new" and therefore not populated with much data and its our best guess right now what the data type and length should be. The vendor is absolutely no help on this one. Not my choice I just work here. The following however is what I would consider a remarkable lack on IBMs part OR a ridiculous oversight on my part that I havent been able to find the answer to as of yet. When one or more of these fields isn't defined right for the data or doesn't transform properly, datastage just says there was an issue transforming the string to decimal but fails to specify on what column. When I have 20 or more potential columns it can be insanely time consuming to try and track down. The errors I get are as follows:

Job No:1417
Job name:Raw_Stage_ML_Deposits_Applicants
Event Number:264
Event type:Warning
Timestamp:7/2/2020 2:53:59 PM
Message Id:IIS-DSEE-TBLD-00008
XFM,0: Conversion error calling conversion routine decimal_from_string data may have been lost

Is there a way to track down what columns are the source of the failure?

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