Hierarchical stage - XML parsing

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Can't help on the specifics of your issue but with 'IllegalStateException' error messages like that, in your shoes I would be involving your official support provider.

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Post by asorrell »

Only other way to isolate the problem is to gradually remove sections from the Hierarchical stage to see when the error message goes away. That would tell you at least what section caused the error.

But yes - you might want to call customer service on it to get their take on the problem.
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Post by eostic »

Simpler solution --- work on dumping the entire response as a single "chunked" text column (like "myXMLresponse")... send it to a sequential file with NONE for delimiter and for quote character and make sure it looks "clean" (just like you have it up above).

Then pass it into the xmlInput Stage. You will have to map the xpath using the xml importer ---- but afterwards, with your Repetition Element of <R>, you will get a nice set of rows for each of the R's, and then can do usual DS techniques to pivot and get the piped output you are looking for. Don't try to do that pivoting inside of the Hierarchical Stage. Too complex to maintain, even if you can figure it out.

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