Implicit rounding difference between 8.7 and 11.5

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Implicit rounding difference between 8.7 and 11.5

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Hello guys,

I'm having an issue with a classic paralell job doing some calculation and then writing into an Oracle Database.

At the end the calculation goes for 77.275.

When writing it into a text file, no issue. But when going into an Oracle Table into a NUMBER(10,2) the result goes for 77.28 with Datastage 8.7 and for 77.27 with Datastage 11.5.

I would like the result to be the same as 8.7 when tie occurs i want it to be rounded to the upper bound.

The APT_DECIMAL_INTERM_ROUND_MODE variable does exists but I couldn't find a value matching my needs.

Any idea ?

Is it a known behavior ?

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