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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Windows
Hi everyone, figured I would ask here in case someone has run into this. I do have an open ticket with IBM as well so if they find anything I will update this for everyone. Basically we have an issue with our Cognos after we upgraded to 11.1.3 from 11.0.9. This was an in-place over the top upgrade. The issue is that when we click login, or hit refresh on the page already logged in, it takes a good solid 45-60 seconds to load the page. The circle loading animation just spins for that time. Once its loaded, its fine, navigation is smooth, reports execute and return in a timely manner, its just that login/refresh.

I have noted the following in the service start logs on the cognos server:
11:16:50, CM-REQ-4296 An HTTP request to the connector "{connector}" timed out

And, while I can't find it now, when doing a UI Responsiveness test in IE I noted that a huge chunk of the page load time was some generic http request. I have a feeling that the page load is doing some http request to something that is timing out and then completes loading the page. Though I can't find any solid evidence on that yet.

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