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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix
I came across a page in IBM KC website which explains how to write data to Excel files and these are the first three steps mentioned.

1. Double-click Unstructured Data stage to open the stage properties.
2. From the Stage tab, select Excel from the Document type list.
3. From the Write mode list, select Create a file.

But, I do not see "Write" mode and also this stage don't accept input streams. Has anyone worked on this stage before to write to Excel file? Appreciate any input/help that I can get.

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I use it all the time.
Its kinda like a dataset: if you have an input, you can't have an output, and if you have an output, you can't have an input. Its either the start or the end of a chain of work, in other words.

to use the stage you have to click to get the java or whatever it is external gui form to appear. You cannot really configure the stage in datastage as you normally would, most of the configuration is done in the pop up interface for that stage only.

ok so to walk through it a bit..
drop a dataset onto a new job canvas.
drop the unstructured data stage onto the canvas.
output from dataset to UD stage. This should work; I just did it.
double click and the ONLY 2 things that appear in the UD stage is document type (default excel) and write mode (default create a file).
the configure button is where you pick the excel settings (the pop up I mentioned).

if you cannot connect the dataset and the UD stage, your datastage setup has some sort of problem.
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