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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix
Additional info: Migration of database
Hi every one,

we have a new requirement to replace the target Netezza Database with Snowflake Database. we have lot of jobs to change the Netezza connector to Snowflake Connector stage.
Do we have any tool or automated procedure to replace the Netezza connector with Snowflake Connector stage? or we only need to manually edit each jobs and replace?. please provide your comments.
Also is there are any other key points that needs to be considered during this migration process.


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The Snowflake Connector has only been out for a few months on the latest release of Information Server (11.7). At this point you are probably one of the first customers working on a deployment. I'm just letting you know there's a low probability of getting assistance from someone with "hands-on" experience.

My experience was that the Connector Migration tool was only used to change deprecated enterprise stages to their replacement connectors, so that probably won't be of any assistance. There's no generic "switch this connector to that connector" capability that I'm aware of in the current tool set.

I've heard some third party applications that specialize in ETL vendor migrations say that they can design their tools to swap out connectors. However, their services are moderately pricey, and they'd have to add the Snowflake connector to their tool as well since it is new.

I believe you'll have to manually edit the jobs and replace connectors as required.

You could also contact your IBM CSR and raise a priority 3 ticket (Information request) to see if they can provide any internal documentation or guidance.

Andy Sorrell
Certified DataStage Consultant
IBM Analytics Champion 2009 - 2017
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