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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix
Trying to create a lineage report. I have two jobs, job1 loads data from tab a to tab b (kind of staging job which is 1 to 1. Then job 2 which takes the data from tab b and loads into tabc. This job reads data from tab b does a bunch of lookups and pass the data through tx stage before loading into tab c.

Both the jobs are deployed from Ibm's fast track solution. I can open governance catalogue and see the lineage information at job level. What I am trying to do is trace lineage information of a column in tab c all the way to tab a. Is this possible to do in IGC?

Also I came across following KB article. It says go to Administration -> lineage management. It is not clear from article which tool the article is talking about for there is no 'Administration' in IGC


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It talks about IGC console only and administration there. May be your user id don't have necessary privileges to see the Admin section.

Try login with some admin user to see if you get Administration section visible.
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Note, too, that they're not really tabs. They're more coloured text on a toolbar background.

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