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Hi Members,

I need your suggestions/inputs related to IBM products assessment that we are currently doing in our project. We are looking for products that would be helpful for the business needs in terms of technical / functional / IT Governance and Data Management. What are the items to consider?

PS: Ours is an Insurance business (policy administration, billing, invoicing, premium processing, etc.)

We are using DataStage v11.5 for ETL needs, Cognos for reporting, Oracle is our primary source system and Salesforce is one of the main targets. We are implementing a data warehouse also.

I know my question is generic and vague, but I would like to know from a bigger audience on recent technology or products in the market.


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If you are using DataStage 11.5 already then I would look at adding IGC for an Enterprise Glossary with Business Terms and a Data Policy and Rules tree. This would let you define the rules and business terms for a data management standard. It will help if you need to roll out additional information governance requirements such as GDPR.

I would look at Information Analyzer if you do not know what is in your Oracle source and there is no data dictionary. IA will give you data profiling on the DataStage engine and discovery of relationships and classifications. You could use it for DQ metrics and scorecards.

If you have a lot of unstructured content that is a complete mess such as data files, customer contracts, PDFs etc you could add in StoredIQ to scan and classify the content and load that back into IGC to link business terms to files.

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