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Would you be interested in attending a dedicated InfoSphere event next year, probably Kansas City in April/May?
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I am just back home after attending a joint IBM and DSXchange event around the InfoSphere product suite, concentrating on Information Server with a little MDM thrown in.

It was fantastic.

For some years the InfoSphere products have been overwhelmed in the massive IBM Think conference; this well-focused one was exceptionally useful. IBM sent along product managers and technical experts, and I and others also made presentations.

The other cool thing about this event was that it doubled down; it was open to both IBM Business Partners and also to regular users of the products. Everyone praised the content and the location. I think everyone who wanted to learned a lot, and the social events (a baseball game and a night at the casino) were popular too.

So let me post here my thanks to those who organized the event, both on the DSXchange side and on the IBM side, and to everyone who contributed.

There was enough buzz after the event to strongly suggest that another one be held this year. Tentatively the location will be Kansas City and the date in late April or early May.

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