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DataStage® Release: 7x
Job Type: Server
OS: Unix
First of hi to all the members here since this is my 1st post.
While learning dstage stuff I have been visiting this site very often and always managed to find the answers I was looking for, except this time Sad.
I hope I am not repetitive in my question as I saw many similar ones but couldn't make it work for my case:

I have the following data in the xml input file that I need to load: ( I am pasting only 1 group of tags...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<POID> /bill 36987435346 4</POID>
<INV_PAGE elem="0">
<CHARGES elem="0">
<TAXES elem="0">

<CHARGES elem="1">
<TAXES elem="1">


My job used to run fine until the bolded part was added in the source.
The initial trigger element before the bolded part was added was: /envelope/invoice/INV_PAGE (since INV_PAGE was the lowest level repetitive tag) I used to output different PAGE_TYPE tags in different output links.

What I need now is to get the bolded part from the PAGE_TYPE = VAT INVOICE but I cant make it to produce 2 different lines (with each repetitive tag of the bolded and italic part)
With the old configuration I receive now the following output:

" /bill 36987435346 4","TAXNN","0","100","0","100","TAXNN","0","100","600","700","699.998","VAT INVOICE","217054152", (it seems like only TAXNN is being exported and I don't even understand why it is picking elem=1 and not elem=0 for example)

Since the bolded part is added, I decided to play with the trigger element and chose a lower level (CHARGES or TAXES) but in neither case I receive what I want:
What I get as output after changing trigger to /envelope/invoice/TAXES or /envelope/invoice/CHARGES is the following:
What is it:
" /bill 36987435346 4","TAX20","500","0","0","500",,,,,,,"VAT INVOICE","217054152",
" /bill 36987435346 4","TAXNN","0","100","0","100","TAX20","100","500",,,,"VAT INVOICE","217054152",

While what I need is this :
What i need:
" /bill 36987435346 4","TAX20","500","0","0","500",TAX20,100,500,600,700,699.998,"VAT INVOICE","217054152",
" /bill 36987435346 4","TAXNN","0","100","0","100","TAXNN","0","100",600,700,699.998,"VAT INVOICE","217054152",

So It looks like after going in a lower level I can produce the 2 rows that I need (although still not correctly as data seems to be merged somehow) but also losing the data of the last 3 tags <NET_TOTAL> , <TOTAL_AMOUNT> and <TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE>

I hope my question is clear and has enough data. If not please let me know.

Your help Is really welcomed

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Welcome! Just want to perform a quick sanity check. Wink

Is this truly a 7.x Server job that you are having the issue with?


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Welcome on board! For each output link, you decide which repeating node dictates the number of rows produced. When you have parallel repeating nodes (in this example, quick glance shows taxes a ...

Ernie Ostic

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