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DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix

Our group is currently using DataStage 8.7. We are planning to use the iDoc Extract Connector Stage to allow SAP to send iDoc messages. One of the key security requirements is to go through the SAP routers.

We have configured the SAP router string and the initial connection to SAP is successful. We are able to successfully see the list of iDocs and the router logs also confirm the connection going through. However, ps -ef | grep dsidocsvr does not display the IDOC Listener and the log files (dsidocsvr.log, IDocListener.log) are complaining about not able to connect to the partner system - the hostname here shows the 'Application Server' (configured in the connection details) followed by 3340 (40 is the system number) as the port number. So even though the connection is going through the routers for pulling the idoc definitions, it seems to be going directly to the application server for registering the idoc listener program id. We need to only go through SAP routers and we cannot connect directly to application server and that port due to the security requirement.

On the SAP side, when they are trying to configure the channel through SM59 transaction they are getting an error that the listener program is not registered (because the DataStage idoc server is not able to reach the application server directly?)

Does any one have any insights on how this needs to be setup? Can we use the SAP routers for the initial listener setup or do we need to go the application server directly?

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