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DataStage® Release: 11x
Job Type: Parallel
OS: Unix

I would like to know if there is a way to link a published "Data Rule Definition" in a "Data Rule Stage" dynamically.

My use case is that we have few rule definitions that are reused across various jobs and data rule stages, it would be useful if changes to the definition would be reflected across the different jobs.

Alternatively it would be ok to use a Data Rule defintion inside another one.

thank you very much,

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I don't think that the Data Rules Stage or the Exceptions Stage in DataStage can be configured to be dynamic - they cannot make use of column propagation or automation of rules based on the metadata of what is fed in. Both stages need design time import and definition of column metadata.

There is a level of automation via Information Analyzer and Data Classes where data profiling gives you automated data quality metrics of data against Data Classes. You can set up Data Classes to have valid value lists or Regular Expression checks. When you open up the dataset in IA thin client you will see how well it conforms to Data Classes and can spot non-compliant data.

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Post Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:57 pm Reply with quote    Back to top    

Rule definitions are dynamic only within IA. Published definitions that you use in DataStage are not.

Todd Ramirez
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