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DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: TX
OS: Unix
Additional info: Not taking enough
Hello there! I have a question about the CPU usage. We run WTX 8.1
We have 8 CPU's running on HP-Unix. We have multiple launchers under different Event Servers. One of the systems (call it 1.msl) is not getting more CPU, when the other system (2.msl) is on. Another words, before, we had very little problems with our systems. With the implementation of 2.msl 1.msl seem to underperforming and become very sluggish...on the other hand - 2.msl has more volume and looks like it takes more when it's needed, leaving all other systems far behind. The settings are mostly the same for all systems. We use Local Resource Management (Though I personally thought that Global will help in this) Also I've noticed that Work files in the 2.msl are mostly IN MEMORY, unlike the 1.msl are mostly Defaulted, but also use some "IN MEMORY" settings. Does any one can suggest anything in this situation?
Thank you!
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