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Post Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:34 am Reply with quote    Back to top    

DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: Server
OS: Unix
Hi ,

Can u please advice how to search for a chinies charecter in the files using the CHINIES KEY word.

I tried as below

IF( (FIND("公对私",TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine1 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine2 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine3 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails)))=0 |
FIND("对个人",TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine1 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine2 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine3 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails)))=0 |
FIND("对私支付",TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine1 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine2 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine3 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails)))=0),"A","B")


IF(MEMBER(TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine1 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine2 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails))+TRIMRIGHT(TRIMLEFT(PayDetLine3 Field:Detail_Trans:TxnDetails)),{"公对私" , "对个人" , "对私支付"}),"A","B")

not working with the both,
please advice if any one worked with chines charecters before ? please advice any alternative??

Thank You.
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