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DataStage® Release: 8x
Job Type: TX
OS: Windows
I am using Version:, Build id: 195 design studio on a 3.1 ghz and 2 gb ram desktop. I have to map a 200mb binary file (image, pdf) to an EDI file. I am getting "Not enough memory to execute the map" error once the input file size exceeds 100MB. I have increased page size and page count, but it did not help. I changed the workspace settings and I am still having the same problem. I have no problem in mapping a 200 mb EDI file in to multiple xml files without any problem. Is this something to do with packing a binary file inside an EDI file? I am able to read the file, but WTX gives out memory error when I try to map the binary file into EDI file and write the whole file. It is working fine when I just read and write the binary file, without using the EDI to be mapped. I have copied the audit log below.

<ExecutionSummary MapStatus="Error" mapreturn="2" ElapsedSec="0.2744" BurstRestartCount="0">
<Message>Not enough memory to execute map</Message>

<TargetReport card="1" adapter="File" bytes="0" adapterreturn="0">
<Message>Data written successfully</Message>
<TimeStamp>05:30:00 January 1, 1970</TimeStamp>

<WorkArea type="File">
<outputarea card="1" Path="Maps\Mer_EDI_275_Build_23921276240733_2.O01" TimeStamp="13:06:57 June 11, 2010" bytes="0"/>


<Location type="File" action="Delete">
<Directory type="Map">Maps</Directory>
<FileName type="Default" prefix="Unique"></FileName>


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