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I don't use them, but from what I understand you can use a value of "$ENV"
in the parameter (without the quotes). This will cause the current value of
the Environment Variable to be passed into the job.

As Vince says, make sure you upgrade to 7.0.1 if you want to leverage this


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Have a look at 7.0.1. It has improved handling of environment variables.

"DataStage 7.0.1 and DataStage Enterprise Edition 7.0.1

Added Functionality and Usability Improvements

Environment variable support has been enhanced to provide dynamic setting of
environment variable job parameters, via a project environment variable, at
runtime. This prevents the need to re-compile the job to pickup a new
environment variable value."

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Subject: Stage Parameters ---- > What about Project Environment

.... what about environment variables at Project Level ?
I mean...
.... I'm working with DS Server v7. In a DB2 Plugin, I would like to get de
ServerName parameter at execution time from the environment (at Project
Level, established in DS Administrator), and I don´t find how to do it.
Editing the DB2 stage with de Designer, in the properties tab, I can
include environment variables, but, how can I reference the real value (not
the value at the moment I included the env. var at the stage) of this
variable in the execution time?
In the product help, I have readed something like ´$ENV´ clause to get the
real execution time value, but is not documented with an example.

Thanks in advance.


Roberto Domingo Royuela
IBM Software Group - Data Management Solutions
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